Drinking Water Test Kits

Fact #1 -- Water leaving a water treatment facility will (usually) contain no harmful impurities... but after travelling through miles of pipe and the plumbing in your home, it had plenty of time to pick up contaminants along the way.

Fact #2 -- Heavy rains, periods of drought, unusually high demands on the aquifer, and a host of other things can radically affect the quality of water pulled from a well.

So whether you have city water or get your drinking water from a well, you have plenty of good reason to test the quality of your water on a regular basis.

Below you will find the most recent entries from the Water Testing Blog, a site which provides information about water test kits, water quality testing information, water quality issues and drinking water filters.

Recent Updates on the Water Testing Blog

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Nitrates in Drinking Water: “Where do nitrates in drinking water come from?” -- We recently received the following question regarding nitrates in drinking water: "Where do nitrates in drinking water come from and are they harmful?" Typical sources of nitrate contamination include, but are in no way limited to, natur...... read more

posted 07/15/2019